Here are some questions from plant anatomy to help you for entrance preparation.

Welcome to your Plant Anatomy Test



1) In grafting, stock and scion following ought to be joined
2) Intercalary meristem at the base of internode is found in
3) Aerenchyma is derived from
4) The xylem in root is
5) Calyptrogen gives rise to
6) Vessels in plants are generally blocked by
7) Casparian stripe is found in
8) Compact wood with little parenchyma is
9) Centrifugal xylem is a feature of
10) Which of the following is not totipotent cell ?
11) Histogen theory was given by
12) In Pteridophyta and gymnosperm, which cells are present in place of companion cell
13) If dicot stem is stained for starch, the most intense colouration would develop in
14) Anomalous secondary growth is found in
15) Sieve tube differs from sieve cells because they
16) Bicollateral vascular bundles are found in
17) Lateral roots arise from
18) Alburnum is
19) Quiescent centre is
20) Study of effect of climate with the help of annual rings is called
21) Vessels are absent in
22) Hypodermis in monocotyledonous stem is