Here are some questions from Endocrinology to help you for entrance preparation. We hope it might help you.

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1) Study of hormones is called
2) Aldosterone is secreted by
3) Alcohol inhibits the secretion of
4) If a hypothyroid female gives birth to a child, the child will be
5) Which of the following belongs to catecholamine?
6) Adenohypophysis is
7) Development of male characteristics in female is caused due to the
8) Largest endocrine organ is
9) Neuropeptide hormone is
10) Hypersecretion of glucocorticoid causes
11) Which of the following gland is not under the control of pituitary gland?
12) Cell secretion for the hormone production is done by
13) Which of the following hormone is present in greatest concentration during ovulation?
14) Which of the following endocrine gland start to degenerate after the start of puberty?
15) If the pituitary gland is surgically removed, which of the following changes happens in the blood?
16) Parathyroid gland is absent in
17) Hypersecretion of thyroid gland in adult causes
18) Which of the following hormone have positive feedback mechanism?
19) Kidney secretes
20) BMR is controlled by
21) Hypersecretion of STH in adult causes
22) Tetany is caused by