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1) DCMU kills grasses by
2) First chemical process in photosynthesis of plants is
3) Gannong's light screen is used to
4) Rate of photosynthesis is independent of
5) Plant don't store carbohydrate as glucose because it
6) First stable carbohydrate of C3 cycle is
7) Glycolate is accumulated in chloroplast at
8) Volume of Carbon dioxide absorbed during photosynthesis is almost
9) Chemoautotrophs obtain energy for the photosynthesis by the oxidation of
10) Rate of photosynthesis will be higher in
11) 90% of total photosynthesis is done by
12) The percentage of sunlight utilized by sugarcane is
13) The law of limiting factor for photosynthesis is
14) The limiting factor of photosynthesis in cloudy day is
15) How many ATP are formed during cyclic photophosphorylation?
16) Kranz anatomy is present in
17) Which pigment is inactive in the red drop effect?
18) Double Carbon dioxide fixation takes place in the same cell but in different time in
19) First stable product of CAM cycle is
20) Natural hydrogen acceptor is
21) HSK pathway is also called
22) Bacteria carry out photosynthesis in
23) Most Abundant protein is