Lithium Ion from Inside. Picture credit: Flikr

We have always desired to get an increased output from the lithium ion battery. Silicon valley startup company, Amprius has been working in bringing a new energy storage technology using silicon element as a material for electrode in lithium ion system.

The advancement lies in the use of silicon nano wires in the negative terminal of lithium ion rather than the graphite carbons. Though this phenomenon produces a higher discharge potential, there is a limiting factor that creates a hurdle in this system. The insertion and extraction of silicon causes the system to destroy within a few cycles. In order to overcome this issue, silicon nano wire has been used to structure a unique geometry that repeats the continuous without any possible damages.

The new technology is set to increase the output by 40% when compared to that of present lithium ion batteries in the market. Amprius is also aiming in mass production of the batteries in the cheapest possible price. The company has also hoped to bring these batteries in the mainstream lineup of the electric car market. Moreover, it would be quite amazing to see Amprius’ batteries in smartphones and technological gadgets. It would indeed revolutionize the current technological era.