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Soujanya Niroula

New Advancement could boost up Battery Technology

We have always desired to get an increased output from the lithium ion battery. Silicon valley startup company, Amprius has been working in bringing a new energy storage technology using silicon element as a material for electrode in lithium ion… Continue Reading →


Advancement of Mobile Technology in Agricultural Farming

Vaishak Kumar, a political science major student from Penn, has come up with a new idea to boost the agricultural economy of India. He is currently experimenting this new project in the Indian state, Karnataka. If everything goes well, Kumar wants… Continue Reading →


One Plus 3: The Flagship Budget Phone

We have been about hearing about One Plus since its prior launch of its One Plus One smartphone. One Plus One shattered the smartphone world by bringing the high end galaxy specs within the range of $350. However, this year the… Continue Reading →


Impacts of Genetically Modified Seeds

In the modern world GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds are gaining a lot of reputation. Many people too claim that these seeds play pivotal in feeding the increasing human population. Many US and international companies have started promoting the GMO crops all… Continue Reading →


Red Wine: Should you really drink it?

Nowadays, red wine has gained popularity all over the world. It is also an important agent in the European diet. However, questions arise whether the wine is really a deteriorating source of our health? Should we really consume it? In… Continue Reading →


Chicken or The Egg: Which one really came first?

Since the ancient era, we are dangling with the question: Did the egg come first or the chicken? This can be interpreted in two ways. In order to lay an egg, we need a chicken and to hatch a chick… Continue Reading →


Technologies Hacking the Traditional Textiles

In the advancing modern world, technology has touched the integral part of our lives. Our lifestyle is completely different when compared with the world that existed around two decades back. Well, today technology has even touched the textiles that we… Continue Reading →


Stem Cells form new lens in cataract patients

Cataract is a severe eye-related problem which is a significant cause of blindness in the world. It is caused due to clouding of the lens which blocks the path of light and causes the disturbance in vision. Though it is… Continue Reading →


1 minute intense exercise may be enough for you

  All of want to do exercise and remain fit. But, most of us can’t do work out regularly. The main excuse we give to ourselves for this is that we don’t have enough time for it.  New studies have… Continue Reading →


Disk stores 360 TB in five dimensions

All the civilization that have ever developed have worked hard to preserve their civilization so that future generation could know about them and their existence by the help of things such as books, buildings, statues etc. But, few of them… Continue Reading →


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