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Advancement of Mobile Technology in Agricultural Farming

Vaishak Kumar, a political science major studentĀ from Penn, has come up with a new idea to boost the agricultural economy of India. He is currently experimenting this new project in the Indian state, Karnataka. If everything goes well, Kumar wants… Continue Reading →


Red Wine: Should you really drink it?

Nowadays, red wine has gained popularity all over the world. It is also an important agent in the European diet. However, questions arise whether the wine is really a deteriorating source of our health? Should we really consume it? In… Continue Reading →


Chicken or The Egg: Which one really came first?

Since the ancient era, we are dangling with the question: Did the egg come first or the chicken? This can be interpreted in two ways. In order to lay an egg, we need a chicken and to hatch a chick… Continue Reading →


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