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New Advancement could boost up Battery Technology

We have always desired to get an increased output from the lithium ion battery. Silicon valley startup company, Amprius has been working in bringing a new energy storage technology using silicon element as a material for electrode in lithium ion… Continue Reading →


Transmission of Zika through physical contact documented

A mysterious case of transmission of Zika has been documented in Utah. It has been thought that Zika spreads through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, semen or is transmitted from pregnant women to their fetuses. However, it appears that… Continue Reading →


New solar cells produces fuel in presence of CO2 and sunlight

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have found a new way to convert solar energy into usable energy. They have made a new solar cell that can efficiently convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into energy dense fuel instead of… Continue Reading →


Impacts of Genetically Modified Seeds

In the modern world GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds are gaining a lot of reputation. Many people too claim that these seeds play pivotal in feeding the increasing human population. Many US and international companies have started promoting the GMO crops all… Continue Reading →


MIT researchers have released a programmable vaccine

Generally, when the outbreak of a disease takes places scientist work hard to prepare a vaccine to combat against those diseases. But, it takes a long time to prepare the vaccine for those diseases, and they are too risky. They… Continue Reading →


Genes are helping you be succesful

Most of us give credits to our hard work, family environment, education and other things after you achieve success in your life. There is another thing that is playing a silent yet powerful role in our success at work is… Continue Reading →


Selfie gives distorted image of your attractiveness

The trend of taking selfie has increased significantly over the smaller period of time and this can be perceived by seeing the amount of selfies uploaded on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. Many people… Continue Reading →


Plants may sleep at night

  All of us know that animals sleep every day following their circadian rhythm. But, it was unclear about plants whether they sleep or not. It was the topic of debate among many people. A team of researchers has found… Continue Reading →


Zika reduces cells differentiation in infant’s brain

                Zika fever is an infection caused by Zika virus and spread through the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. Its symptoms are mild but sometimes it doesn’t show any symptoms at all. Much research… Continue Reading →


Star having different internal driving force is revealed

All of the stars in the universe have an internal driving force which is created by the magnetic force of the star. These magnetic fields cause sunspots to appear on the surface of the sun. Astrophysicists from Neils Bohr Institute… Continue Reading →


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